Welcome Dr. Paul Hay, New Visiting Assistant Professor

Please join the Department of Classics in welcoming Dr. Paul Hay, who will be joining the department this fall as a Visiting Assistant Professor.

Dr. Hay holds a B.A. in classics and English from Case Western Reserve University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in classics from the University of Texas at Austin. His scholarly interests include Roman intellectual history, Latin literature of the first century BCE, and ancient sexuality. He is currently working on a monograph, adapted from his dissertation, on the idea of the saeculum in the first century BCE Rome. He is also interested in the reception of classical antiquity in antebellum American poetry. Dr. Hay is a native of Youngstown, OH.

This fall, Dr. Hay will be teaching:

LATN 101 – Elementary Latin I
MWF 2:15-3:05 p.m.
An introduction to the elements of Latin: pronunciation, forms, syntax, vocabulary, and reading.

GREK 102 – Elementary Greek II
MWF 8:25-9:15 a.m.
Beginning course in Greek language, covering grammar (forms and syntax) and the reading of elementary selections from ancient sources. Makes a start toward reading Greek authors.

CLSC 304 – Ancient Rome: Republic and Empire
MW 3:20-4:35 p.m.
Growth and development of the Roman state from the unification of Italy in the early third century B.C. to the establishment of the oriental despotism under Diocletian and Constantine. The growth of empire in the Punic Wars, the uncertain steps toward an eastern hegemony, the crisis in the Republic from the Gracchi to Caesar, the new regime of Augustus, the transformation of the leadership class in the early Empire, and the increasing dominance of the military over the civil structure. (Cross-listed as HSTY 304). Fulfills Global and Cultural Diversity Requirement.