ANEE-HSTY 107. This course provides an introduction and overview to the history of the Ancient Near East, including ancient Israel, as well as Egypt.
ANEE-WLIT 210. This course offers a broad survey of Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian literature in English translation.
ANEE-RLGN 320/420. In this course we will examine various components of the religious, divinatory and magical systems of the cultures of the Ancient Near East and Egypt, and reflect upon their relationship with the stories that are found in the Hebrew Bible.
ANEE-CLSC-HSTY 337/437. This courseoffers a general survey of the history of medicine from its origins in pre-historical times to the Middle Ages with a view to gaining a better understanding of the path that eventually lead to modern medical practice.
ANEE-CLSC-ANTH 344. This course examines the ancient Mediterranean through the material cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome.