AKKD 101. This course is the first of a sequence of two courses intended to cover the fundamentals of Akkadian grammar and a large number of the most common cuneiform signs encountered.
AKKD 102. This course, the second in a two-semester sequence, completes the introduction to the grammar of Akkadian and the most common cuneiform signs.
AKKD-WLIT 205. In this course, student will read the entire Standard Babylonian recension of the Epic of Gilgamesh, considered the first great work of literature, from the original Akkadian text.
AKKD-WLIT 395-495. Directed readings in selected Akkadian texts in the cuneiform script either of the Old Babylonian or the Neo-Assyrian periods to serve the individual interests and needs of students (texts may be drawn from a variety of text genres: mythological, historical, scientific, medical, correspondence, religious, etc.).