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K-12 Teaching Jobs for Latin Majors at Southern Teachers Agency


Since 1902, Southern Teachers has helped great schools hire great teachers. Today, however, the challenge for schools to craft productive, meaningful classroom experiences for their students in a time of rapid pedagogical change is greater than ever.

Fortunately, many of the private and independent schools with which Southern Teachers works recognize the value of including Latin in their curriculum and are seeking bright candidates eager to accept the challenge of teaching a classical language in the 21st century.

As a result, while successful progress through a teacher certification program can be highly desirable, these schools are eager to hire teachers have strong Latin-language skills, enthusiasm for leading extracurricular programs, and the ability to manage and motivate students.

Simply put, a degree in education is not necessarily required.  Great independent schools will hire smart Latin majors (and minors!) who have not been through a certification program.

Moreover, the teaching environment in these independent schools can be exceptional:  small class sizes, students intent on preparing for college, and a focus on learning Latin—not on test taking.

Southern Teachers works with hundreds of schools that list thousands of jobs each year, including many for Latin teachers.  Southern Teachers interviews every accepted candidate, checks references, and assesses their Latin abilities.

And it’s a free service for candidates.  Schools pay for Southern Teachers’ services—because they want the best teachers possible.

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Text provided by Southern Teachers’ recruiter Linda Coyner, (434) 295-9122.