Rachel Sternberg

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies


Mather House Room 112
Wednesday from 1-2 and by appointment

Sternberg’s courses include Greek Civilization, Greek History,  Women in the Ancient World, Elementary Ancient Greek, Sophocles, and Xenophon. Sternberg holds a B.A. in archaeology and history from Cornell University, an M.A. in classics also from Cornell, and a Ph.D. in Greek from Bryn Mawr College. Her monograph, Tragedy Offstage: Suffering and Sympathy in Ancient Athens, was published by University of Texas Press in 2006, and her edited volume, Pity and Power in Ancient Athens, by Cambridge University Press in 2005. She is interested in the history of emotion, emotional discourse and moral rhetoric, and the reception of the classical tradition in the age of Jefferson. Her new book, The Ancient Greek Roots of Human Rights, was recently published by the University of Texas Press.