Upcoming Study Abroad Opportunities

CLSC 199 – Athens: Idea and Identity from Socrates to Byron

Taught by Mark Hammond.

CLSC 326/426 – Rome on Site: The Archaeology of the Eternal City

Taught by Evelyn Adkins and Mark Hammond.

Past Study Abroad Trips

Summer 2018 Study Abroad Trip in Greece

Classics students spent four weeks in Greece, as part of a summer Classics course taught by Professor Paul Iversen, where they were able to participate in an active archaeological project–The Lechaion Harbor & Settlement Project. In addition to their field work, students learned about the history Greco-Roman culture and visited major archaeological and cultural sites around the country.

Summer 2017 Study Abroad Trip in Greece

Classics students Jacob Kordeleski, Dominica Rollins, Adam Doros, Aubri Swank, and Anna Anders spent three weeks in Greece learning about the history of Greco-Roman culture and gaining hands-on archaeological fieldwork experience with Professor Paul Iversen.

Summer 2014 Study Abroad in Greece

2014 Spring Break in Athens