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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2007-2008 Lectures

September 19, 2007  —  “Sleazy Bars with Fancy Countertops: Marble as Status Therapy at Pompeii’s Streetside Bars” by Prof Clayton Fant (University of Akron)

October 10, 2007  —  “The Shrines of Cybele and Zeus at Aezanis: A Model for Hellenization in Roman Asia Minor” by Prof. Kenneth Harl (Tulane University)*

November 7, 2007  —  “Looking for the Etruscan City – Recent Developments in Etruscan Settlement Archaeology” by Prof. P. Gregory Warden (Southern Methodist University)

February 13, 2008  —  “The Uxbenka Archaeological Project: Recent Discoveries in Belize” by Prof Phil Wanyerka (Cleveland State University)

March 12, 2008  —  “The Reunion of Body and Soul in Ancient Egypt: Sexuality and Resurrection in the Netherworld.” by Prof. Lanny Bell (Brown University)*

April 9, 2008  —  “Town and Country: The Archaeology of Crusader Greece” by Prof. Kostis Kourelis (Clemson University)*

May 7, 2008  —  “Body Politics and Relic Diplomacy:  Christianizing the Late Antique City”  by Prof. Holger Klein (Columbia University)

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