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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2005-2006 Lectures

October 5, 2005  —  “City of Mesopotamia’s Grim Reaper: Mashkan-shapir, Iraq” by Prof. Paul Zimansky (Boston University)

November 9, 2005  —  “The Pepper Wreck:  Excavating and Reconstructing an Early 17th Century Portuguese Indiaman” by Prof. Luis Castro (Texas A&M University)

February 8, 2006  —  “Excavating Women:  Pioneering in Field and Forum (1850-1900)” by Dr. Susan Heuck Allen (Providence College)

March 8, 2006  – “The Age of the Alphabet:   Writing at Tel Zayit in the Time of King Solomon” by Prof. Ron E. Tappy (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)

April 12, 2006  —  “Monumental Tombs Near Troy: Recent Discoveries” by Dr. C. Brian Rose (University of Pennsylvania)

May 10, 2006  —  “Recent Archaeological Research in Albania” by Dr. Jack L. Davis (University of Cincinnati)

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