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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2004-2005 Lectures

September 8, 2004  –  “In Search of the Ancient Olympics” by Dr. Donald Kyle (University of Texas)

September 24, 2004  —  “Petra and Some Unique Cultural Aspects of the Nabateans” by Prof. Nabil Khairy (University of Jordan)

October 20, 2004  –  “Sacred Symbols and Martyrs at Tell Tuneinir, Syria” by Dr. Michael Fuller (St. Louis Community College)

November 3, 2004  –  “Who were these people?: Some Biased Thoughts on the Peopling of the New World” by Dr. J.M. Adovasio (Mercyhurst University)

December 8, 2004  –  “An Ancient Quarry and the World’s First Geologic Map from 1150 BC:  Wadi Hammamat in Egypt’s Eastern Desert” by Dr. James Harrell (University of Toledo)

February 16, 2005  —  “Sex Sells, But Who’s Buying?  Erotic Imagery on Attic Vases” by Prof. Kathleen Lynch (University of Cincinnati)

March 9, 2005  —  “Khirbet Iskander (Jordan): A City in Collapse at the End of the Early Bronze Age” by Prof. Suzanne Richard (Gannon University)

April 6, 2005  —  “The Origins of the Minoan Palaces” by Prof. Sturt Manning (University of Toronto)*

May 11, 2005  —  “Soldiers, Scholars, Craftsmen, Elites?  The Human Remains from Qumran” by Dr. Susan Guise Sheridan (University of Notre Dame)

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