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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2003-2004 Lectures

September 10, 2003  —  “Minting Identity:  The Invention of Coinage in Magna Graecia” by Dr. John Papadopoulos  (University of California at Los Angeles)*

October 22, 2003  —  “The Serpent and Alligator Mounds in Southern Ohio” by Dr. Bradley Lepper (Ohio Historical Society)

November 12, 2003  — “Hunters and Herders of the Great Hungarian Plain, 4500-4000 B.C.E.”  by Dr. Richard Yerkes (Ohio State University)

December 10, 2003  —  “Quest for Eternity : Chinese Archaeological Discoveries”  by Marjorie Williams (Cleveland Museum of Art)

February 11, 2004  —  “Hidden Rio-Bec in the Maya Area” by Jack Sulak (Cleveland Archaeological Society)

March 10, 2004  —  “Assyria on the Edge:  Excavations in the Iron Age Southwestern Turkey” by Dr. Timothy Matney (University of Akron)

April 21, 2004  —  “The Archaeology of Sri Lanka:  Past and Future” by Prof. Nancy Wilkie (Carlton College)*

May 12, 2004  —  “Coming of Age in Ancient Greece:  Images of Childhood from the Classical Past”  by Prof. Jenifer Neils (Case Western Reserve University)

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