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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2002-2003 Lectures

October 9, 2002  —  “Living on the Edge of the Ancient World: Desert Islands of the Aegean” by  Prof. P. Nick Kardulius (Wooster College)

November 13, 2002  —  “Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley (Pakistan/Western India)” by  Prof. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer (University of Wisconsin)*

December 11, 2002  —  “The Greeks in Sicily” by Prof. Jenifer Neils (Case Western Reserve University)

February 12, 2003 —  “Recent Discoveries in Maya Decipherment” by Prof. Phil Wanyerka (Cleveland State University)

March 12, 2003  —  “Excavating Ceren:  A Maya “Pompei” in El Salvador” by Dr. Payson Sheets (University of Colorado)*

April 9, 2003 —  “Copan: 160 Years of Search and Research” by Prof. Francis Taft (Cleveland Institute of Art)

May 14, 2003  —  “Recent Discoveries in Search of Ancient Egyptian Quarries” by Prof. James A. Harrell (University of Toledo) (Lecture canceled at last minute)

May 14, 2003  —  “Middle East Miscellany” by Barbara Kathman (Cleveland Museum of Art)

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