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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 1997-1998 Lectures

September 17, 1997  —  “1997 Finds of the Maya Mountain Archaeological Project” by Dr. Peter Dunham (Cleveland State University)

October 8, 1997  —  “The Development of Cypriote Religion from Neolithic Fertility Figurines to the Cult of Aphrodite” by Dr. Stuart Swiney (Institute of Cypriote Studies, University of Alabama)*

October 15, 1997  — “Recent Excavations at Greek and Roman Troy” by Dr.C. Brian Rose (University of Cincinnati)*

November 19, 1997 —  “Mycenae Invents Itself:  Power and Propaganda in the Aegean Bronze Age” by Dr. Paul Rehak ( Duke University)*

January 21, 1998  —  “Excavations at Ashkelon, Israel” by Dr. John Spencer (John Carroll University)

February 18, 1998  —  “The Treasures of the Parthenon” by Dr. Diane Harris-Cline (University -of Cincinnati)

March 18, 1998  —  “Sheridan Cave: Its Implications for the Peopling of the New World” by Dr. Kenneth Tankersley (Kent State University)

April 8, 1998  —  “Life and Death Outside the Walls of Poseidonia-Paestum” by Dr. James Higginbotham (Bowdoin College)*

May 1, 1998  —  “Classical Art” by Dr. Thomas Carpenter (Ohio University)

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