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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 1996-1997 Lectures

September 18, 1996  —   “Bared Breasts: Love and Violence in Classical Greek Art” by Dr. Beth Cohen, (New York City Society)

October 2, 1996  —  “Imagination and Imitation: Greek and Roman Bronze Sculpture” by Dr. Sandra E. Knudsen (Toledo Museum of Art)

October 23, 1996  —  “Mistresses, Maids and Brides: Women on White-Ground Lekythoi” by Prof John Oakley, (College of William and Mary)*

November 13, 1996  —  “Excavations at Aila (Jordan): A Roman Port on the Red Sea” by Prof. S. Thomas Parker (North Carolina State University)

February, 12, 1997  —  “The Late Prehistoric Indians of Northern Ohio: Results of two Summer Excavations in Lorain County” by Dr. Brian Redmond, (Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

March 5, 1997  —  “Excavations at Poggio di Colla, an Etruscan Site North of Florence” by Prof Susan Kane (Oberlin College)*

April 2, 1997  —  “Rome’s Spice Trade with the East: the Egyptian Connection” by  Prof Steven E. Sidebotham (University of Delaware)*

May 14, 1997  —  “Monte Alban (Mexico)” by Dr. Mark Winter (Oaxaca, Mexico)

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