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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2015-2016 Lectures

The Cleveland Archaeological Society (CAS) is a local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). Each year, CAS sponsors a series of lectures, which are held at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the Museum’s Murch Auditorium on the second Wednesday of the month. A reception with coffee, tea, and cookies follows each talk at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History that affords attendees an opportunity to meet and talk with our speaker. An archive of lectures over the past several years can be found here. All lectures (excluding fundraiser on May 11 at the Wine Spot) are free and open to the public. For directions to the Museum, click here and enter the words “Cleveland Museum of Natural History”.

“Picturing Divination on Athenian Vases”
Wednesday, September 9, 7:30pm
Professor Sheramy Bundrick, University of South Florida

120th Anniversary Party of the Cleveland Society of the AIA

The stories told on Athenian vases have long been the subject of discussion among scholars of Greek antiquity. Dr. Sheramy Bundrick will discuss her research finding that more scenes depict the acts of divination than previously thought. For example, scenes from the fifth century B.C., previously thought to be of warriors at a gaming board, are possibly the casting of lots, or cleromancy. Instead of representing the thulemata, the barley meal said in literary sources to be added to the “god’s portion” of the sacrificial feast, Dr. Bundrick suggest these are astragaloi for divination. Interpreting these scenes in this manner explains their great appeal across the Greek civilization.

“Building the Past, Recent Studies of Prehistoric Architecture in the Greater Ohio Region.” N’omi Greber Memorial Lecture 
Wednesday, October  14, 7:30pm                   
Dr. Brian Redmond, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Also: Remarks by 2015 Intern Zaakiyah Cua

National Archaeology Day – CMNH
Saturday, October 17

“Gladiators at Pompeii: Roman Spectacle in a Small Town”
Wednesday, November 11, 7:30pm
Professor Steven Tuck, Dept. of Classics, Miami University

“Sailing with the Gods: Maritime Ritual in the Ancient Mediterranean.”
Wednesday, February  10, 7:30pm
Professor Sandra Blakely, Dept. of Classics, Emory University

“Sex and Human Sacrifice at the Moche Huacas”  AIA/CAS Laing Lecture
Wednesday, March  9, 7:30pm                  
Dr. Jim Kus , Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSU Fresno

“Stonehenge: New Discoveries”  AIA Kress Lecture
Wednesday, April 13, 7:30pm   
Professor Mike Parker Pearson, Institute of Archaeology, London

POISON Benefit at the Wine Spot, Cleveland Heights
Wednesday, May  11, 5-8 pm

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