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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 2000-2001 Lectures

September 13, 2000  —  “Ohio Archaeology” by Dr. Brian Redmond (Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

October 18, 2000  —  “Sailing the Wine-dark Sea: International Trade and the Bronze-Age Aegean” by Dr. Eric Cline (University of Cincinnati)*

November 8, 2000  —  “Journey to the Underworld:  Recent Cave Finds in the Maya Mountains” by  Dr. Peter Dunham (Cleveland State University)

February 14, 2001  —  “Clash of Cultures:  The Archaeology of European Contact with Pueblo Indians in New Mexico” by Dr. Chris Pierce (Cleveland State University)

March 21, 2001  —  “The Arrhephoroi on the Athenian Acropolis” by Dr. Olga Palagia (University of Athens)*

April 18, 2001  —  “Mysteries of the Snake Goddess” by  Dr. Kenneth Lapatin (Boston University)*

May 16, 2001  — “Tapestry Tunics of the Ancient Andean Middle Horizon” by Dr. Susan Bergh (Cleveland Museum of Art)

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