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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 1998-1999 Lectures

October 7, 1998  —  “Water Supply of Ancient Athens” by  Dr. John McK. Camp II (Director of the Agora, Athens)*

November 4, 1998  —  “Sacred Cargo:  How to Ship an Obelisk” by Dr. Cheryl Haldane Ward (Director of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Egyps; Texas A & M, Galveston)*

January 13, 1999  —  “Hopewell Culture” by Dr. Bret Ruby (Hopewell Culture National Park)

February 10, 1999  —  “Building Trajan’s Column” by Dr. Lynne Lancaster (Ohio University)

March 31, 1999  —  “The Mummies of Xinjiang” by Dr. Elizabeth Barber (Occidental College)*

April 14, 1999  —  “High Tech and High Stakes:  Naval Power in the Hellenistic Age” by Dr. William M. Murray (University of South Florida)

May 12, 1999  —  “A Revolution in the Roman Glass Industry” by Dr. Marianne Stern (President Toledo Society of the AIA)

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