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The Cleveland Archaeological Society 1995-1996 Lectures

September 20, 1995  —  “Digging in Ethiopia”  by Dr. Bruce Latimer, (Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

November 8, 1995  —  “Archaeology of the Russian Steppes” by Prof. James Adovasio (Mercyhurst College)

November 15, 1995  —  “The Gold of Croesus Revisited” by Prof. Andrew Ramage, (Cornell University)*

December 13, 1995  –  “Underwater Archaeology in Israel” by Prof. Israel Hershkovitz (Tel Aviv University)

February 28, 1996  —  “The Gardens and Palace of King Kasayapa at Sigiriya” by Dr. Robert Lindley Vann (University of Maryland)*

March 20, 1996  —  “Rusahilini: An Iron Age Fortress in Urartu (Lake Van)” by Prof. Dr. Altan Cilingiroglu (University of Ege, Turkey)*

April, 24, 1996  —  “Two Greek Sculptors Named Scopas” by Prof. Olga Palagia (University of Athens)*

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